Benoit and his Orchestra

With a nod to the American jazz virtuosi who visited Paris, such as Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, the Benoit and his Orchestra show features both trumpet and clarinet alongside the timeless two-guitars and double bass line up.
The perfect mix of European finesse and the restless fervour of American swing, this Orchestra are the modern-day embodiment of the spirit of a bygone age. The Orchestra is a 7/8 piece dance band 1920-30-40’s music (mainly USA & UK), high energy and very entertaining.
The orchestra plays with music stands, scored arrangements and black tuxedoes
The Hot club is a 5 piece band à la Django Reinhardt, we play French, Russian, Italian, US and British standards from the 1920-30-40’s. A great way to provide background music and entertain at smaller events as well as getting people dancing.

November 24 @ 12:25
12:25 — 13:25 (1h)

Click here for Benoit and his Orchestra Collection

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