Captain Redeye

Forged in the gin-joints and speakeasies of Leeds in early 2001, Captain Redeye and the Hoods are purveyors of highly-refined vintage Gangster Swing. Taking a heavy influence from the bands of the 1990s swing revival such as Royal crown Revue and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, the band based its name around the somewhat mythical figure of Captain Redeye, a legendary alter-ego of one of the original band members, who had a penchant for wine, women and all-night revelry, and could usually be found propping up the bars of smoke-filled Jazz lounges until the early hours of the morning.
Musically the Hoods serve up a heady cocktail of styles and genres, from high-octane jump-jazz, through hip-shaking swing, to finger-poppin’ rhythm and blues, all with a dash of Latin thrown in for good measure. Prepare to be propelled in spirals across the dancefloor by the pounding jungle drums before you sway to the sultry rhythms of mambo and calypso, then soothe your breathless soul with the sensitive balladry of a softly-crooned love-song.
Much of their inspiration and playlist is drawn from the golden Hollywood era of the 1930s-50s and features old favourites from artists such as Louis Prima, Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and Ray Charles, as well as original compositions and rock and pop reinterpretations, all delivered in the Hoods own hard-swingin’ style.
The band itself consists of nine highly-accomplished musicians, the majority of whom have trained in prestigious institutions such as the Royal Academy, Guildhall, and the Leeds College of Music before embarking on their own successful professional music careers. The last decade has seen the band go from strength to strength, playing a multitude of different venues and events across the UK, from high society balls in Knightsbridge and Kensington to variety evenings in northern social clubs, to regular Burlesque nights in Piccadilly Circus at the heart of London’s West End – continuing to build up an ever-widening fanbase, which ranges from ages 9 to 90.
They are as comfortable playing shows to large festival crowds as they are in intimate cabaret clubs, and have performed their own brand of much-loved musical high-jinks everywhere from the Science Museum to the Savoy Hotel. With all of this and an album of original songs due for recording in 2012, better grab your hat and two-tones, for you are sure to be hearing more from Captain Redeye and the Hoods…!

“You guys were totally and utterly brilliant last night. You absolutely made the night! You are entertaining, sooooo tight, all damn hot musicians, and your set was enormous fun. Everyone needs to know about you!”

Jo Rogers, The Sisterhood, Head of Creative Affairs , Scion Films

November 24 @ 12:05
12:05 — 13:05 (1h)

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