Cocktail Safari

Cocktail Safari are a four piece with the experience and knowledge to keep an event moving from the cool safety of the camp, to the steamy dance floor of the jungle. They will guide you safely and completely through your special event, with style. And khaki.
With material from the 30’s to the present: Latin; Jazz: Funk; 80’s Pop!, all done in their own special way, there’s a world to choose from. Cocktail Safari are a welcoming, hip and sharp looking quartet that can play all evening, reading the audience to deliver just the right vibe…. All with tested, unassuming equipment that is easy to move in and set up quickly so as not to disturb the wildlife.
Put down your binoculars and stop searching. Let us be your guide.
Cocktail Safari Small Band.. …Big Party!

November 24 @ 11:40
11:40 — 12:40 (1h)

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