Jasz Vegas

Jasz Vegas holds a varied and impressive skill set; from burlesque to freak show, enthralling fire performance to impressive sleight of hand magic, she’ll leave you with a thumping in your chest and your jaw on the floor.
Post-show, you’ll likely find the purple seductress in a smoky cocktail bar considering her next adventure, cosmopolitan in hand, naturally. She’s well travelled and holds more anecdotes than Aesop’s back catalogue, ready to weave you a tale and take you on an entertaining journey to places that other entertainers simply can’t. As her name suggests, Jasz Vegas performs a style of magic that is unlike any other performer on the scene.
She combines it with her dazzling burlesque skills, has edge and brings a truly contemporary feel to the magic and burlesque scene. Vegas recognizes that the real magic is in the eyes and the memories of the people that she performs to, this allows her to focus on creating the most incredible moments with everyday objects like cards, coins and bank notes. In booking Jasz Vegas, you can rest assured that your guests will leave completely awe-struck and with a smile on their face. She has the natural ability to complement any kind of event effortlessly, creating an incredible addition to every atmosphere, regardless of the situation.
In the past, Vegas has worked with such companies as BBC, ITV, Google, Checkmate, London Fashion Week, Hilton, Ikea, Madame Tussaud’s and Bizarre Magazine. Outside of magic performance, you might have seen Jasz’s face gracing international marketing campaigns for clothing companies such as Jane Doe Latex, Rubber Monkey, Muted Clothing and Banned Clothing. In 2013, Vegas showcased her skills in ‘Burlesque on Ice’ and was noted as a major asset in each and every review of the off-Broadway show. Jasz Vegas also starred in BBC3s Killer Magic in 2015 where she competed against four of the other top magicians in the country to create the most incredible magic and avoid having to perform a ‘Killer Trick,’ an illusion or stunt that has killed magicians in the past.
“Jasz is a remarkably charismatic performer with a rich, sly sense of humour who likes to do unusual things, does them well, and provides wonderful entertainment in the process.”
The Magic Circular Magazine